About Social Design®

Who We Are

Social Design® focusses on education and innovation.

What We Do

We provide education, training, advisory and consulting programs that help individuals and enterprises to learn and apply the leading edge principles and practices that design new value and drive sustainable growth.

How We Do It

We empower leaders, aspiring leaders and students through hands-on curricula, advisory and custom initiatives. Our programs help participants to harness the collective intelligence of stakeholders in order to identify, develop and implement the transformative strategies that achieve inspired impact and optimal outcomes.

Our Team

Our team consists of world class educators, speakers, trainers, facilitators, strategists and advisers who are expert on global topics such as Innovation, Leadership, Strategy, Transformation, Sustainability, Growth, Social Entrepreneurship, Organizational & Interpersonal Dynamics, Conflict Resolution, Change, Mindsets, Education, Competitiveness, Prosperity and Value Creation. These experts have delivered customized programs and project counsel to tens of thousands of executives who work in an expansive range of industry sectors internationally.

Primary Offerings

Our primary formats include: speaking, advisory, workshops, facilitation, interventions, executive education, boot camps, coaching, moderating, certifications and programs tailored to fit your enterprise needs, objectives and priorities.

Unique Value

Our uniqueness lies in our branded and proprietary subjects that are developed and delivered by our curated network of Subject Matter Experts. A representative example of our branded subjects includes: Design Thinking, Integrative Thinking®, Empathic Thinking®, Choice Structuring and Value(s) Architecture.

Our Approach

ISD partners with you to help you achieve your growth goals and innovation agendas. First, we meet with you to gain a deep understanding of your priorities and success criteria. We work collaboratively to design the programs that meet your objectives.

Why We Do It

We believe that collective transformation and optimized outcomes can be achieved through the continuous learning of the most empowering insights, tools and skillsets. This belief inspires our devotion to design and deliver the highest value and inspiring content.

How We Add Unique Value

We develop and deliver leading edge, proprietary and branded content. Many of our programs are trademarked to ensure unique content and learning experiences for your team. We consistently refine and improve our work based on continuous research, feedback and results. Our content consists of management and educational theory that combines behavior insights with leadership, diplomacy and innovation skills. Our programs equip our clients with deeper skillsets to solve internally and externally influenced challenges. We create the environments, and provide the tools, to help enterprises and individuals develop more meaningful innovation, adopt visionary mindsets, strengthen teams, improve communication, increase resiliency, fuel productivity and performance, and secure better outcomes.

Why Us

Our seasoned expertise, objective perspective and consultative support helps you break through barriers and fuel forward momentum. Our consultants are highly experienced and respected in their field of discipline and are well positioned to provide the strategic and tactical support needed to better frame and achieve measurable goals. We are highly adaptable and can provide the support most needed for your specific initiatives. We deliver our programs in settings appropriate to your organization, whether onsite or at offsite venues. Our work is efficient, effective and devoted to your success.


ISD’s mission is:
to deliver more value to more stakeholders more often in more ways, with better outcomes, than any other education and innovation consultancy.

to create environments for advancing collaborative input on insights and skills that make a transformational difference and positive impact through their application.

to become the source for those who value and seek transformational growth strategies.

Our Belief

We believe that competencies such as empathy, social intelligence, critical thinking, problem solving, negotiation, conflict resolution and reconciliation are the foundational skills on which sustainable success is built. Yet, these skills are not explicitly, universally or uniformly taught. As fundamental as these teachings are for both professional and personal growth, they are not consistently offered at this time. Primary and secondary schools teach subjects such as literacy, math, sciences, geography, history, physical fitness, design and arts. Tertiary education teaches specialized vocational competencies such as the analytical and technical knowledge needed to advance our career interests and goals.

When primary and secondary education is not supported by the underlying context of behavior insights and interpersonal skills, knowledge is disseminated but may become absorbed like seeds that fall on top of the ground. Not unlike a sprout, under these conditions, it can grow quickly over a short period of time, but it can wither just as fast because there is not enough below the surface to ensure its long-term sustainability. However, if we grow a deeper root (knowledge) system, then, like a well-grounded tree it will develop the depth, breadth and height needed to prevail over time and through turbulent conditions.

The Institute for Social Design® is devoted to providing foundational ‘below-the surface’ skills and insights that till the soil of our minds, providing a richer environment in which knowledge and experiences can grow and flourish with greater stability and longevity. These practices are often simple, though behavioral applications are difficult to implement. They require discipline and repetition. Not unlike going to a gym, where it takes more than an initial introduction to experience productive change; coaching, applied learning and dedication are all needed in order to gain the understanding and ability…the mental muscles….needed to achieve improved performance and transformational results. For these reasons, we are devoted to designing and delivering a range of education and consultative programs that meet individual and corporate needs. We are passionately devoted to enhancing learning with the insights and skill sets that help individuals and enterprises inspire and design better outcomes.