Competitiveness & Prosperity

Jurisdictional Competitiveness and Prosperity defines the relationship between the competitiveness of a jurisdiction – whether city-region, state or province, or nation – and the degree to which its inhabitants enjoy high and rising prosperity.  Prosperity is a function of the institutions and infrastructures that enable financial, human, knowledge, social and physical assets to be combined so as to produce more valuable outputs than those of competing jurisdictions.

What It Does

It brings together the varied facets of prosperity from city planning, to urban economics, to tax policy, to cultural policy, to labor economics, to poverty policy into an integrated view of the drivers of broad prosperity for the populace of a jurisdiction, whether city, region, state/province or country.

Who Is It For

Economic and social policy-makers who want to unlock the keys to the prosperity of their jurisdiction, industry groups who want to improve their competitiveness, public service organizations that want to improve their jurisdiction in targeted ways, and individual businesses who want to make intelligent location choices.


Speaking Engagements:  Presentation on the background, benefits, principles, practices and values-based tools and their use in creating corporate citizenship-focused growth strategies, using examples of firms for whom such strategies have resulted in positive outcomes and growth.

Workshops:  One-day workshop on applying values-based tools to corporate growth strategies.  Teaching of the concepts and then application to the organization in question and the development of a work plan for the organization to follow going forward.

Courses and Programs:  Multi-day, multi-week or multi-month skill transfer programs designed to imbed skills in the behaviors and mindsets of individuals, believe that individual transformation leads to collective transformation.

Advisory:  Leading strategic advisors provide principles and practices to build a multi-stakeholder strategy in conjunction with executives of the corporation.  Analysis of the current situation, identification of potential initiatives, evaluation of the initiatives, selection of a subset on which to base the strategy.


Better plans for enhancing the prosperity and competitiveness of jurisdictions.


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Representative Clients

Province of Ontario, Government of Canada, Deloitte, Numerous Industry

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Competitiveness & Prosperity