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Empathic Thinking®  is a critical foundational skill required for successful collaboration, team building leadership, negotiation, innovation, as well as individual enterprise growth.  It is a key competency of individuals, teams, communities and enterprises who seek optimal outcomes and sustainable success.

What It Is

Education and advisory programs that equip leaders, aspiring leaders and students with the principles, practices, tools and skills of Empathic Thinking® and Empathic Optimality™.

What It Does

Embedding teams and organizations with Empathic Thinkers creates the most critical advantage: a culture truly and passionately devoted to, and capable of, optimal value creation.  Empathic Thinking® combines brain and behavior insights with leadership, inter-relational and thinking skills to deepen knowledge, broaden skillsets, improve performance, accelerate growth, and achieve positive outcomes, and secure more sustainable success.

Topics covered include:

  • Why Empathic Thinking® is the the fundamental key to optimal growth and success
  • Empathic Optimality® – how to secure optimal success while also serving the greater good
  • Reflective Thinking™, Funnel Thinking®, Intuitive Thinking – how to improve thinkability, focus, and decision-making
  • vuca: the four principles (vision, understanding, clarity and adaptability) that offset VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) toward thriving in challenging times.
  • Skills for leading successfully with insight, integrity and compassion

Why Is It Needed

In an increasingly time-challenged economy; professional, personal and community relationships are breaking down in earlier and earlier stages; putting increasingly significant strains and detriment on businesses, teams, cultures and individuals in terms of revenue losses, legal damages, stress, conflict, stalled productivity and hindered growth.  Business and personal models are changing from vertical to horizontal.  Value is being redefined and values are shifting in order to navigate the uncharted terrains of these new models.  Social media, email proliferation, rapidfire technology advances, and work/life challenges contribute to overload.

As these gale winds of change accelerate the velocity of competition and conflict, sustainable success requires deeper insights and broader skills that can establish a steady course toward reliable outcomes, while continuously identifying new opportunities for positive advancement and growth.  Success is no longer defined as achievement alone; it is also tied to other criteria, such as advancing the greater good.  Remedial and preventative knowledge is available, but it is voluminous and uncurated, which can cause overload instead of efficient advancement.  Until recently, it has not been developed in a universal, uniform or concise language that is easily accessed and retained.

Empathic Thinking® brings unique perspective to topics such as leadership, innovation, negotiations, collaboration, diversity, mindsets, conflict management, team building, growth, sustainability and transformation.  It is a key competency of individuals, teams, communities and enterprises who seek optimal outcomes and sustainable growth.  Courses can be customized to your enterprise needs and priorities.   It equips leaders, aspiring leaders and students with new ways of thinking and understanding the fundamental human needs, motivations and behavior drivers of self and others.  These insights inform more human-centered solutions, product offerings, cultures and enterprises.  Empathic Thinking® edge research and practices are devoted to changing the conversations that help change the outcomes.

What Impact Can Empathic Thinking® Have On Business

  • Empowered Leadership
  • Improved Productivity
  • More Consistent and Successful Innovation
  • Employee and Customer Engagement, Satisfaction, Retention and Loyalty
  • Optimal and Sustainable Growth

Who Is It for

  • Leaders, aspiring leaders and students who seek accelerated growth and who desire to create significant, long-lasting and meaningful impact.
  • Organizations struggling to understand their stakeholders better, toward creating human-centered innovations and experiences.


Speaking Engagements:  Presentation on the background, benefits, principles, practices and values-based tools and their use in creating corporate citizenship-focused growth strategies, using examples of firms for whom such strategies have resulted in positive outcomes and growth.

Workshops:  One-day workshop on applying values-based tools to corporate growth strategies.  Teaching of the concepts and then application to the organization in question and the development of a work plan for the organization to follow going forward.

Courses and Programs:  Multi-day, multi-week or multi-month skill transfer programs designed to imbed skills in the behaviors and mindsets of individuals, believe that individual transformation leads to collective transformation.

Advisory:  Leading strategic advisors provide principles and practices to build a multi-stakeholder strategy in conjunction with executives of the corporation.  Analysis of the current situation, identification of potential initiatives, evaluation of the initiatives, selection of a subset on which to base the strategy.


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