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Helps executives facing complex transactions or interactions apply what the most critical strategic skills, to structure those techniques and convert negotiations into the highest-value actions and winning outcomes.


Strategic Conversations is a technique used by leading organizations to enhance the effectiveness of all initiatives, scenarios that require negotiation.  It is built on the proprietary Negotiation (Inter-relations) FrameWorks™ process, which was developed by Social Design experts.

Who Is It For

Executives who seek to hone their negotiations skills, achieve more powerful strategic outcomes and see more consistent conversion of strategic conversations into high-value, winning outcomes.


Speaking Engagements:  Presentation on the background, benefits, principles, practices and values-based tools and their use in creating corporate citizenship-focused growth strategies, using examples of firms for whom such strategies have resulted in positive outcomes and growth.

Workshops:  One-day workshop on applying values-based tools to corporate growth strategies.  Teaching of the concepts and then application to the organization in question and the development of a work plan for the organization to follow going forward.

Courses and Programs:  Multi-day, multi-week or multi-month skill transfer programs designed to imbed skills in the behaviors and mindsets of individuals, believe that individual transformation leads to collective transformation.

Advisory:  Leading strategic advisors provide principles and practices to build a multi-stakeholder strategy in conjunction with executives of the corporation.  Analysis of the current situation, identification of potential initiatives, evaluation of the initiatives, selection of a subset on which to base the strategy.


Executives and managers empowered with expanded negotiation and inter-relations skill-sets.


Please call 212.842.1717 for costs of various offerings.

Representative Clients

Cisco, Prudential, KeySpan, Catalyst, Hill’s, DuPont, Parsons Brinckerhof, AT&T, British Telecom, Child Health Corp of America, Estee Lauder (China), Governments of Qatar and UAE, Turner Construction, USAID, The United States Air Force, US State Department, Yahoo! Inc, York International, Johnson Controls Inc, J&J (China)

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Strategic Conversations