What it is:

The Institute for Social Design’s Succeducation program is an education and training program that provides executives, aspiring managers, students and organizations a new take on problem solving based on a unique combination of management, social behavior and neuroscience.

What it does:

It enables leaders and aspiring leaders to develop the capacity to transform themselves, their organizations and communities. Our constantly evolving program content, updated regularly according to the latest research in management, social behavior and neuroscience, instils a culture that is dynamic, empathic, innovative and forward thinking at every level. It really is a New Way to Think

Who is it for:

This program is for new managers growing into their responsibilities, seasoned managers tasked with turning abstract plans into viable actions, and strategic leaders. Learning a New Way of Thinking will enhance your ability to respond to the challenges of your role and maximize your impact on your organization and community. In transforming yourself you also transform your community and the world.

Offering formats:

Programs for Individuals/Groups give you/or and your team the knowledge, skills and ingenuity to realize personal career goals, improve performance and maximize impact.

Custom Programs for Organizations are tailored to your organization’s needs, whether it is training employees at all levels of your organization to achieve individual leadership potential, or to enact transformational change as an effective team to fulfill your corporate vision.