Succescipline: a new way to think, lead and succeed

– a Succeducation program

What it is:

Succescipline is a training discipline that is offered through the Institute for Social Design’s Succeducation program. This discipline provides executives, aspiring managers and students with a new way to think about success and how to achieve it in accelerated and sustainable ways.


Succescipline is based on the theory that success is a disciplined and repeatable process, and that the skills needed for success can be learned. It provides the foundational insights, theories and tools that are required for success, but that are not currently taught in schools in a uniform or universal way. Succescipline theories combine of a range of thinking disciplines with the tactical steps needed to advance in life in a strategic and sustainable manner. It provides deeper ‘under-the-surface’ insights, and it helps define a firmer platform, on which to build more optimal and sustainable success.

What it does:

Succescipline combines brain and behavior insights with leadership and relationship skills to help individuals, teams and organizations secure more optimal and sustainable success.

Who is this program is for:

  • Individuals, teams and organization who are open and desirous of growth, development and improved outcomes.
  • Individuals and teams that are faced with conflict, barriers or hurdles that limit success
  • Individuals that feel daunted or overwhelmed, but unsure whether their circumstances or reactions are normal


We provides individuals and teams with the insights, skills and tools to realize personal career goals, improve performance and maximize impact.


  • Speaking
  • Workshops
  • Advisory
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Facilitating
  • Moderating
  • Training

Representative topics covered:

  • What are the four primary behavior drivers that influence our emotions, interactions and outcomes?
  • What insights provide the deepest and broadest awareness of self and others?
  • How can we break through our default behaviors and experiences, toward designing more successful and sustainable lives?
  • What are the thinking disciplines that empower individuals to achieve their goals?
  • What are the skills, insights, tools and steps needed to secure optimal success?
  • What are the seven life facets that, once defined, help me compartmentalize, manage and empower my Thinkability and achievements?
    (Alternate: how can I empower my thinking, so I can empower my interactions and outcomes?)

How can I know the things I don’t know, and that I need to know, to secure a firm life foundation?

Succescipline Processes – What they are and how do they apply?


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