Advisory & Consulting

Social Design® provides advisory support to leaders, executives and managers.  We match qualified advisors to each specific need.  Our experts have worked with CEO’s and leadership teams with some of the world’s most successful companies.  We begin with a strategic conversation – one in which we help frame where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.  This often begins with an assessment of goals and objectives, current initiatives, conditions and constraints.  We clarify what is in place, what isn’t, what is working, what isn’t, what can be achieved, and how — an essential reframing and roadmapping.  We focus in quickly on priorities and potential opportunities and also criteria that would define a successful outcome.

We then determine the program structure, timing and costs for advisory services are determined once goals, criteria, availabilities and other details are discussed and agreed upon.  We will work together with you to determine the ideal approach, and who would do the work needed.  Please call or email to request a detailed description of each of the following services, and to explore how our advisory support can help you efficiently and positively transform your enterprise.

  • One-on-one Advisory
  • Executive Team Coaching
  • Strategy Business Planning
  • Business Development Consultation
  • Customized Facilitations
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Roadmap Development
  • Strategic Conversation & Discovery Dialogue
  • Program Design

Please call 212.842.1717 or email for detailed descriptions of each of the above mentioned programs and to explore ways in which our offerings can help positive transformation for your enterprise.