Business is Social

Business is social. It is comprised of communities. Be they customers, consumers, vendors, competitors, media or shareholders; business success depends on sustainable relationships with all these stakeholders. Social intelligence skills are a price of entry. The old adage of ‘the business of business is business’ no longer applies. Rather, the business of business today is to understand and meet the needs of as many stakeholders as possible and better than anyone else. There is no silver bullet that will achieve this. There are, however, a manageable number of tools that will result in loyalty and growth. Enterprises today need to see into the hearts and minds of stakeholders, develop new dialogue & interactions, create user-centered brand experiences and design better futures.  This is what we reference as ‘advancing and enhancing the human condition, by design’.  We provide education, innovation and growth strategies aimed at helping companies achieve profit goals while also having positive impact.

You are invited join Social Design. To join our team, to participate on a committee, to become a Social Designer, to volunteer, to request a program or to get involved in any other ways; please call or email any time at 212.842.1717 or

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