Sandra Blevins

SandraSubject Matter Expertise: Social Design®, Collaboration, Leadership, Business Development and Empathic Thinking®

Title: Principle Consultant

Sandra is a Principle Consultant and Business Development Director with Institute for Social Design.  Through her roles at ISD, she helps enterprises, teams and individuals secure optimal and sustainable growth through proprietary business development programs, executive advisory and consultative services.  She leads a network of world class educators and consultants who have developed branded curricula that positively transform businesses and social enterprises.  Sandra has deep expertise in Business Development practices.  Her advisory services help leaders and executives at international corporations optimize and accelerate their growth.

Sandra’s current research is focused on Social Design® and Empathic Thinking® – proprietary insights, skills, and tools related to successful collaboration and high value decision making. Prior to joining Social Design LLC , Sandra held leadership positions at leading consultancies whose competencies ranged from insights, innovation and strategy to branding, design and product development. From 2003 until 2008, she was Business Development Director, Principle Consultant at The Brand Collaborative®, an integrated innovation and branding consultancy based in New York City.  Her twenty years of consulting experience has helped organizations such as AT&T, Unilever, DuPont and Coca-Cola secure game-changing innovation and growth. Sandra has a strong interest in positive social change.  Her philanthropic initiatives have transformed issues such as homelessness, where her hands-on roles were effective with both fundraising and evolving support from a temporary shelter system into reintegration and housing programs.  She has served on the U.S. Olympic Committee, AWNY and Women Unlimited.

Engagement Formats:

  • Advisory
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Facilitations
  • Interventions

Prior Achievements:

  • Awarded the Governor of Massachusetts citation for Philanthropic Initiatives; Founder and Managing Director
  • Founder of mPower: at age twenty-four, Sandra founded a social innovation initiative devoted to helping marginalized citizens.  She led the initiative for four years, during which she helped to re-architect the shelter system and fund transitional housing for homeless men and women.
  • Mentor, Women Unlimited