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Incentives, Executive Compensation and Governance are three important topics that are linked to one another.  The corporations that are such a big part of the productivity and prosperity equation require governance that ensures that they are using their financial, human and physical assets constructively.  A key facet of the governance of modern corporations is the compensation of executives, especially of the CEO, for which the board of directors has sole authority.  Executive compensation, in turn is a function of how we think about incentives that can be used to shape and encourage executive behavior and action.

What it Does

Helps boards of directors and executives design incentive systems that are more likely to produce the outcomes that they would want, rather than dislike.

Who Is It For

Investors who are frustrated with board governance, boards of directors who are frustrated that their compensation systems for executives don’t produce actions that they seek, and executives who are frustrated with the design of incentive compensation in their organizations.


Speaking Engagements:  Presentation on the background, benefits, principles, practices and values-based tools and their use in creating corporate citizenship-focused growth strategies, using examples of firms for whom such strategies have resulted in positive outcomes and growth.

Workshops:  One-day workshop on applying values-based tools to corporate growth strategies.  Teaching of the concepts and then application to the organization in question and the development of a work plan for the organization to follow going forward.

Courses and Programs:  Multi-day, multi-week or multi-month skill transfer programs designed to imbed skills in the behaviors and mindsets of individuals, believe that individual transformation leads to collective transformation.

Advisory:  Leading strategic advisors provide principles and practices to build a multi-stakeholder strategy in conjunction with executives of the corporation.  Analysis of the current situation, identification of potential initiatives, evaluation of the initiatives, selection of a subset on which to base the strategy.


Better incentive structures and governance procedures for better performance.


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Representative Clients

Procter & Gamble, Institute for Corporate Directors, Canadian Coalition for Good Governance, Ditchley Conference

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Compensation & Incentives