Funnel Thinking

The theory that the process of intentionally and intensively ‘filling our mental funnel’ with a combination of information, experiences and perspectives and then sifted through challenges, angst, needs and desires; leads to greater innovation (or, creative and functional advancements) and ‘thinkability’ (or, ‘strengthening neural pathways’).

Funnel Thinking: a new way to think, lead and succeed

– a Succeducation program

What it is:

Funnel Thinking is a training discipline offered through the Institute for Social Design’s Succeducation program. This discipline is one of several components of Succescipline theory.


Funnel thinking is based on the theory that we currently lack a universally recognized way of organizing our thinking and, as such, we can become disorganized, unproductive and overwhelmed. Funnel Thinking provides deeper ‘under-the-surface’ brain and behavior insights that lead to optimally organized and highly productive critical thinking skills. It provides foundational insights, theories and tools that are required for greater ‘Thinkability’.

What it does:

Funnel Thinking combines thinking and behavior insights with organization and decision making skills to help individuals, teams and organizations advance in more positive, productive, organized and accelerated ways. Through compartmentalization and thought strategies, Funnel Thinking helps identify and break through blockages to progress and high value decision making. Funnel Thinking is a way to think in ways that leads to greater clarity, productivity and progress.

Who is this program is for:

  • Individuals, teams and organization who are open and desirous of growth, development and improved outcomes.
  • Individuals and teams that seek to become more balanced and productive
  • Individuals that are frustrated by the number of projects, tasks and challenges they are facing, and who lack a systematized way to move forward in optimal ways.
  • Individuals who feel as though they ‘can’t get out of their own way’ in the many areas of work and life.


Funnel Thinking provides individuals and teams with insights, skills and tools to overcome challenges and productivity issues related to unorganized thought processes.


  • Speaking
  • Workshops
  • Advisory
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Facilitating
  • Moderating
  • Training

Representative topics covered:

  • What is Funnel Thinking and how will it help me achieve my goals?
  • What are the seven funnels and how do they empower our activities and accelerate our success?
  • How can I break through default thinking patterns, and design better Thinkability?
  • How can I build a more successful and balanced life through Funnel Thinking?
  • What are the skills, insights, tools and steps needed to overcome my current sense of overload and secure more sustainable success?
  • How can Funnel Thinking help me gain greater confidence and better productivity?


Please contact 416.738.9171 for program fees